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Tourist Attractions Fees TEL (06)Opening HoursWhat's it famous for?
A America Mura
FreeN/ADepends on shopsA distinct featuring many US import shops, used clothing shops and flea markets.
Asia-Pacific Trade Center
Free6615-5000Depends on shopsInternational wholesale market. Business consultation service available.
C Crysta Nagahori
FreeN/A11:30-20:30An underground arcade of 100 shops and restaurants extending from Yotsubashi Sta.
D Den Den Town
FreeN/A10:00-19:00A shopping area specializing in electrical goods.
Diamor Osaka
FreeN/A10:00-21:00Natural light fills this underground mall.
E Expo Land
Mar.20-Oct.30 Until 17:30
Aug.1-Sep.1 until 21:00
Closed on Wed
An amusement park.
F Festival Gate
Mon-Fri 2400
Sat & Sun 2700
6631-000110:00-8:45(next morning)Most famous Spa complex in Osaka.
Free6313-0501FIVE 11:00-21:00
NAVIO 11:00-20:00
It's known for its usual urban-center red ferries wheel with views of downtown buildings.
Hankyu San-bangai
FreeN/A10:00-21:00One of the largest shopping areas in Osaka.
K Kuromon Ichiba
150N/A9:30-17:00A garden in Tennoji Park with large landscape garden.
Keitakuen Garden
Most shops closed on Sun
A 580 meter-long market for fish, fruit, and etc opened since mid-Taisho period (1912-1926).
M Minoo Onsen
10:00-22:00The high-quality spring water contains salts, sodium bicarbonate and boric acid.
Mint Bureau
----------A part of its garden is open to the public during the cherry blossom season.(Called Toori-nuke).
Mint Museum
Free6351-8509Mon-Fri 9:00-16:00It displays various kinds of coins and bills.
Museum of Oriental Ceramics, Osaka
Vary6223-0055Tue-Sun 9:30-17:00It is known worldwide for its extensive collection of Korean and Japanese ceramics including the celadon.
N National Bunraku Theater
Vary6212-2531VaryNational puppet theater where traditional plays are performed.
O Ohatsu Tenjin Shrine
Free6311-0895Summer 7:00-15:00
Winter 8:00-17:00
A flea market is held on the 1st and 3rd Friday of each month.
Osaka Aquarium (Kaiyukan)
20006576-550110:00-20:00Favorite attractions are a whaleshark and a sun fish.
Osaka Castle
6006941-30449:00-17:00The symbol of Osaka. Stands in the middle of Osaka Castle Park.
Osaka Dome
Tour 1000
6586-0106VaryA multi-purpose, all weather stadiums for baseball games and concerts.
Osaka International Peace Center
2506947-7208Tue-Sun 9:30-17:00A facility for teaching future generations about war tragedies and the importance of peace.
Osaka Maritime Museum
6004703-290010:00-18:00 It is a great place to learn about the history of local and global maritime trade.
Osaka Museum of History
---6946-5728Wed-Mon 9:30-17:00It is designed to let visitors experience the 1500year history of Osaka in multi-dimension.
S Shochikuza
Vary6214-2211VaryKabuki theater rebuilt in 1996 as the center of the Kabuki renaissance in Osaka.
Suntory Museum
10006577-000110:30-19:30A cultural complex including an art gallery, IMAX movie theater, museum, shops and restaurants.
T Tennoji Zoo
Closed on Mon
A zoo with307 animal species including koalas and lesser pandas.
Tenpozan Market Place
Free6576-6222---A building featuring a variety of shops and restaurants.
Tsutenkaku Tower
Jul.21-Aug.31 10:00-20:30
The landmark in the Shinsekai. Modeled after the Eiffel Tower in Paris.
U Umeda Sky Building
It is one of the city's most recognizable landmarks.
Umeda Sky Building Takimi-koji
Free6440-385510:00-22:30The Takimi-koji restaurant mall, a replica of a Japanese street of the early Showa Period
Universal Studios Japan
55004790-7000VaryThe first USJ park outside the United State.
W Whity Umeda
FreeN/A10:00-21:00Underground shopping market in Umeda.
World Trade Center
Some 256 meters high, is Western Japan's tallest tower providing a variety of trade, information and other business facilities on its upper floors.

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